SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the world’s best internet business at the moment. Dominating search engine results for beginner web designers is not as easy as it may seem. However, here are some useful tips and tricks that could help you get a hang of SEO in no time.
1. It is all about the content!
Great, unique, quality content will help you get the best search results. It is important that the content is original and well-written. The topic should be relevant and popular, which means that it will attract a lot of visitors. Once the page gets tons of traffic, it is considered to be important and something that people want. Your page then gets a better rank and appears among the first search results. Also, you should update your content frequently in order to optimize your page. Keep titles to your pages under 60 characters, since most engines will not display anything longer than that anyways. Title of the site should always be a short and accurate summary of the page itself.
2. Keywords
It is important that you use keywords appropriately and in the proper context. Use page titles, headings and links appropriately, because search engines will see right through you if you are only tossing keywords around.
3. Links
It is all about great content, but it is also about the links. One good link can do wonders for optimization of your page. Keep in mind that one good link is often better than a dozen of links of poor quality, that will in fact only harm your SEO. Also, use your links to link out and others in return will link to you. Links that have credibility, such as links with .edu extensions are highly coveted to be a part of your site.

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4. SEO requires (constant) work
Optimizing SEO is in fact a project that requires constant work and enhancement. SEO changes from day to day, which means you will have to work on your content daily, making it fresh and up-to-date.
5. Social media
SEO and social marketing are tightly connected. Social marketing in fact is a large part of SEO. Quality content gets likes and followers, who go to your page and give it a better SEO rating. In time, the site grows and the internet community supports it. Good reputation it receives from SEO and social media help site gain authority in search engines, and from that point on it is ideally supposed to be organically discovered by new users.
6. Details matter
Pay attention to details, such as headings and text surrounding your images, as these will influence your search results. Try to use words such as “image” and “picture” with your keywords, as they will be searched for together with the keyword. Optimize the page for just one keyword at the time. Do not optimize the page for more keywords at the same time, as this will only harm your SEO.